The Lot 11 and Area Community


The Lot 11 and Area Watershed Management Group, Incorporated

A non-profit community service group since 2008

Our Mission

To evaluate, preserve and enhance our watersheds so they may continue to provide for the needs of our community and our environment.

Board Members

Lauren Bailey, Alfred Bridges, Peter Bulger, Alycia Carr (Chair), Karen Kelly, Susan Milligan (Treasurer), Thelma Phillips (Secretary)

Group Coordinator: Karen Rank

Some Highlights

Our group acts on behalf of a 15-member community watershed planning committee comprising residents, farmers, fishers, commercial/business groups, woodlot owners, tourism representatives, community groups/organizations, and municipal councillors.

This committee developed and stated the objectives and methods for our group in the Lot 11 and Area Watershed Management Plan. Watershed issues and sometimes conflicting interests were thoroughly explored over an 18-month period consensus-building process. This plan was ratified unanimously in an advertised, public meeting on April 20, 2011, and it represents the community’s will and our group’s mandate.

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In short, our work focuses on action in the field and in the community. We concentrate on demonstrable outcomes, ones achieved through hard work, reason, and a commitment to listening to others. Here are a few highlights of our remarkable accomplishments from 2009-2014.

  • Habitat preservation/restoration at 15 major streams
  • 4530 trees/shrubs planted in river border areas
  • Four major in-stream sediment traps constructed and maintained
  • One major private clay road restored/stabilized
  • Two major private culverts replaced
  • Two rock-pool fish ladders constructed
  • Ellerslie Elementary school playground improvement cooperative project completed
  • 550 brushmat sediment stabilizers constructed
  • 900 migratory obstacles corrected
  • Six years of community-cooperative newsletters, website development/maintenance, and watershed-oriented summer day camp
  • Trash removal along rivers, Conway Sand Hills, and other estuary borders
  • Alder succession management in seven stream systems
  • Initial and ongoing technical assessment in 10 geophysical watersheds
  • One free community water testing clinic
  • Three presentations/seminars at schools and youth groups
  • Development of the Macdonald’s River Interpretive Trail
  • Direct, board-level involvement with the PEI Watershed Alliance, the Wildlife Conservation Fund, and other Provincial projects and workgroups

Our Principles

  • To function in a manner consistent with democratic principles.
  • To use direct community input in determining goals and actions.
  • To solicit technical input and consent for our actions from regulatory authorities and other groups.
  • To obtain owner consent prior to accessing, monitoring or enhancing private lands.
  • To respect each landowner’s right to enjoy and derive their living from the use of their property.
  • To communicate our plans and actions to the community in a timely, accurate fashion.
  • To review our effectiveness and the applicability of our actions through active community performance evaluations, and to modify our objectives and methods in accordance with community needs.
  • To develop specific work plans that clearly state the needs and benefits of our actions and that detail the methods and resources for accomplishing our goals.
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